Nytt citat från "Red Scrolls of Magic"

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Det är knappt bara 1 vecka kvar tills den första boken i Malec-trilogin The Eldest Curses släpps. I sitt senaste nyhetsbrev har Cassandra Clare delat ett nytt citat från boken där Magnus och Alec slåss mot ett monster tillsammans.

Alec drew yet another arrow. This time he aimed at one of the tentacles holding Magnus. He whispered a prayer to the Angel and fired.

The arrow sank into the tentacle a few feet away from Magnus’s body. The monster reared and relaxed its grip just a bit. Magnus didn’t waste any time and, as soon as he had a hand free, began weaving it through the air rapidly. A web of blue electricity flared onto the remaining tentacle holding him. The smoke demon screamed and its tentacles jerked back, releasing Magnus. The warlock hit the roof of the train with a heavy thud and rolled, beginning to slip over the side.

Alec dove forward, sliding along the cold metal, perilously close to the edge. He brushed Magnus’s fingertips and grasped only air as Magnus tumbled off the train.

Alec lunged off the side of the train and grasped a handful of wet material. He grabbed hold of Magnus’s shirt in both hands and strained to pull him up, using all the strength he had left.

His vision blurred with the effort, but then Magnus was in his arms, blinking his still-stunned golden eyes.

“Thank you, Alexander,” Magnus said. “Alas, the octopus monster is attacking again.”

Red Scrolls of Magic släpps den 9 april.


Cassie delade även följande bild som är en liten del av en större illustration gjord av Cassandra Jean som tydligen har gjort 5 illustrationer från boken för att fira att den släpps inom kort.



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