Borttagen scen från "Lady Midnight"

Publicerad 2018-09-07 22:50:26 i Lady Midnight, The Dark Artifices,

I det senaste nyhetsbrevet från Shadowhunter Army som blev utskickat igår fick vi läsa en borttagen scen från den första boken i The Dark Artifices - Lady Midnight.

“So what does this mean for us?” said Livvy. “This connection to the Blackthorns?” She looked anxiously at Jules. “What does it mean that that woman, Belinda, knew about Uncle Arthur?”

“It means that there are people that know about this and will try to use it against us,” said Julian. “But it also means we must be close, close to the answer, or they wouldn’t be threatening us now.”

“But we don’t feel close,” said Emma, clearly frustrated. “At least I don’t. I feel like we’re wandering around in a fog. So what set them off? What made them think we knew more than we know?”

“They figured out we were at the theater for the Lottery,” said Cristina. “Maybe they panicked that we knew who they were.”

“We don’t,” said Emma. “We know they’re a bunch of movie producers with a bee in their bonnet about Blackthorns and a yen to bring someone back from the dead.”

“Who would movie producers want to bring back from the dead?” Ty asked.

“Marilyn Monroe?” suggested Livvy.

“Brad Pitt,” said Drusilla.

“Brad Pitt is still alive,” pointed out Emma.

“Prove it,” said Ty.

Haha, ganska roligt att Dru och Ty tror att Brad Pitt är död.


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