81 Dagar kvar till Queen of Air and Darkness

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81 dagar kvar till Queen of Air and Darkness och för att det är fredag så får ni ett lite längre citat med Kit och Ty, som Cassandra Clare delat via TMI Source.

He wanted to ask Ty if he was all right, but he knew the other boy wouldn't want it. Ty was staring at the Market, tense with curiosity. Kit turned to the phouka.

"Gatekeeper," he said. "We request entrance to the Shadow Market."

Ty's gaze snapped to attention. The phouka was tall, dark and thin, with bronze and gold strands threaded through his long hair. He wore purple trousers and no shoes. The lamppost he leaned against was between two stalls, neatly blocking the way into the Market.

"Kit Rook," said the phouka. "What a compliment it is, to still be recognized for one who has left us to dwell among the angels."

"He knows you," muttered Ty.

"Everyone in the Shadow Market knows me," said Kit, hoping Ty would be impressed.

The phouka stubbed out his cigarette. It released a sickly-sweet smell of charred herbs. "Password," he said.

"I'm not saying that," said Kit. "You think it's funny to try to make people say that."

"Say what? What's the password?" Ty demanded.

The phouka grinned. "Wait here, Kit Rook," he said, and melted back into the shadows of the Market.

"He's going to get Hale," said Kit, trying to hide the signs of his nerves.

"Can they see us?" Ty said. He was looking into the Shadow Market, where clusters of Downworlders, witches and other assorted members of the magical underworld moved among the clamor. "Out here?"

It was like standing outside a lighted room in the dark, Kit thought. And though Ty might not express it that way, Kit suspected he felt the same.

"If they can, they'd never show it," he said.


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