31 Dagar kvar till Queen of Air and Darkness

Publicerad 2018-11-03 21:58:00 i Shadowhunters,

31 dagar kvar tills vi äntligen får läsa Queen of Air and Darkness... alltså shit.
I dagens nedräkning får ni ett citat med Kit, Dru och Ty som Cassandra Clare delat via tumblr.

Ty touched his hand absently to the locket at his throat. "That was good. You did a really good job, Dru."

"Yep. You kept your cool," said Kit. He glanced up and down the street. "I'd suggest we go get milkshakes or something to celebrate but this is kind of a dark alley situation."

"Shadowhunters don’t worry about dark alleys," said Dru.

"Have you learned nothing from the death of Batman's parents?" said Kit, feigning shock.

Ty smiled. And for the first time since Livvy had died, Dru laughed.


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