Två citat från "The Last Hours"

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Cassandra Clare har under några dagar svarat på frågor från fansen som för det mesta har handlat om Cast Long Shadows (Ghosts of the Shadow Market #2) och Cassandra har då även gett oss några små citat från The Last Hours, bokserien där samma karaktärer som vi mötte i Cast Long Shadows kommer att vara med.
Ni kan läsa alla frågor och svar på Cassies tumblr.

“Disgraceful,” said Mrs Bridgestock. “I know your face. You are that Persian boy. Are you not ashamed to be running around corrupting nice young people? I suppose you are only following your father’s example, but considering what happened to him, you should really know better.”

Cordelia wished to rush to her brother’s defense, but she did not dare move.

Alastair bared his teeth at Mrs Bridgestock. “I should, shouldn’t I?”


A coat settled on Lucie’s shoulders, bottle green superfine and warm from the heat of Matthew’s body, smelling of expensive cologne. Lucie glanced up to see Matthew’s face above hers, limned by sunlight and the gold of his hair, serious for once as he carefully buttoned the coat closed. His hands were usually swift and bright with rings, flying through the air when he talked or to the curving hilt of his rapier when he fought, but now they were moving with great deliberation over such a small task. She heard him draw in a slow breath.

Den första boken i The Last Hours serien - Chain of Gold kommer preliminärt att släppas under 2019.


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