"The Red Scrolls of Magic" citat med Izzy och Alec

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För att fira att det är Isabelle Lightwoods födelsedag idag så har Cassandra Clare via Instagram delat en bild på allas vår älskade Izzy och även gett oss ett ganska långt citat från The Red Scrolls of Magic, som är den första boken i trilogin The Eldest Curses som Cassie skriver tillsammans med Wesley Chu.
Happy birthday Izzy, you brave kind demon-slayer you. Lovely-adorable art by Cassandra Jean! Have a birthday snippet from Red Scrolls of Magic, due out March 5, 2019: Izzy and Alec, power sibs. (Remember this takes place during City of Fallen Angels and does not reflect either Alec or Isabelle’s current feelings about Simon!) Alec dodged Isabelle’s question with one of his own. “How is Simon?” It was a measure of Alec’s desperation that he tried this, as he did not much like the idea of his sister dating a vampire. Though for a vampire, Simon seemed like a good enough guy. Alec didn’t know him that well. Simon talked a lot.

Isabelle laughed, a little too loudly. “Fine. I mean, I don’t know. Why should I care? I see him occasionally, and he seems fine, but I don’t care. That vampire is nothing but a toy to me. A little fanged toy.” Isabelle had dated plenty of people, but she never got defensive like this. Maybe that was what made Alec feel uneasy about Simon: that it seemed as if, for the first time, his invincible sister could be hurt.

Alec would never allow anyone to hurt Isabelle. “Just so long as you don’t become his chew toy,” said Alec. “Listen, I need a favor.” Isabelle’s tone went sharp. “Why are you using the voice?" "What voice?" "The 'I'm a Shadowhunter on official business' voice. Alec, you're on vacation. You're supposed to be having fun." "I'm having fun." "I don't believe you.” "Are you going to help me or not?" Isabelle laughed. "Of course I am. What mischief are you and Magnus getting into?" Alec had promised Magnus he wouldn’t tell anyone, but surely Isabelle didn’t count....
The Red Scrolls of Magic kommer att släppas 5 mars, 2019.


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