Nytt citat från "Son of the Dawn"

Publicerad 2018-03-31 18:38:32 i Cassandra Clare, Ghosts of the Shadow Market,

I sitt senaste nyhetsbrev som Cassie nyligen skickade ut gav hon oss bl.a ett nytt citat från Son of the Dawn som är den första e-boken i serien novellserien Ghosts of the Shadow Market.
I citatet kan vi läsa om Brother Zachariah som pratar med Jonathan/Jace:

“What do the initials mean? On your staff. Do all Silent Brothers have them?”

They looked together at the staff. The letters were worn by time and Zachariah’s own flesh, but they had been struck deep into the wood in the precise places where Zachariah would put his hands on them when he fought. So, in a way, they would always be fighting together.

The letters were W and H.

No, said Brother Zachariah. I am the only one. I carved them into the staff on my first night in the City of Bones.

“Were they your initials?” the boy asked, his voice low and a little timid. “Back when you were a Shadowhunter, like me?”

Brother Zachariah still considered himself a Shadowhunter, but Jonathan clearly did not mean any offense.

No, said Jem, because he was always James Carstairs when he spoke of what was dearest to him. Not mine.

Cassie delade även omslaget till e-boken utan alla förbaskade ord:
Son of the Dawn släpps 10 april.


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