Nytt citat från "Queen of Air and Darkness" med Gwyn & Diana

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Cassandra Clare är väldigt generös med citat från hennes kommande böcker just nu. Idag har Cassie nämligen delat ytterligare ett citat för att fira att det är Pride-månad. Citatet som Cassie delat via tumblr, kommer från Queen of Air and Darkness och vi får läsa om Gwyn och Diana.

Pride Month snippet from Queen of Air and Darkness: Diana and Gwyn

Gwyn seated himself opposite her, large hands at his sides, his brow creased with concern. His size and bulk somehow made him seem more helpless than he would have otherwise. “I know what happened,” he said. “When death comes in great and unexpected ways, the Wild Hunt knows it. We hear the stories told by spilled blood.”

Diana didn’t know what to say — that death was unfair? That Livvy hadn’t deserved to die that way, or any way? That the broken hearts of the Blackthorns would never be the same? It all seemed trite, a hundred times said and understood already.

Instead, she said, “I think I would like it if you kissed me.”

Gwyn didn’t hesitate. He was beside her in a moment, graceful despite his bulk; he put his arms around her and she was surrounded by warmth and the smell of the forest and horses. She wrinkled her nose slightly and smiled, and he kissed her smiling mouth.

It was a gentle kiss, for all his size. The softness of his mouth contrasted with the scratch of his stubble and the hard musculature under her hands when she put them timidly on his shoulders and stroked.

It had been a long time, and she had never imagined something quite like this: moonlight and flowers and kissing in glades were for other people.

But apparently not.

För er som inte läst Lord of Shadows kanske det är konstigt att Cassie valt att inkludera just detta citat för att fira Pride-månad. För att inte förstöra delar av handlingen för er som planerar att läsa Lord of Shadows så kommer jag inte heller att skriva varför. Vill ni absolut veta utan att läsa boken så kan jag berätta i en kommentar.


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