Nytt citat från Ghosts of the Shadow Market #4 - "Learn about Loss"

Publicerad 2018-06-19 21:18:21 i Cassandra Clare, Ghosts of the Shadow Market, The Infernal Devices,

Cassandra Clare har via Instagram valt att dela ett nytt citat från Learn about Loss - novell 4 i serien Ghosts of the Shadow Market. Detta citat är ganska passande då det även idag är samma datum som Will Herondale från The Infernal Devices dog.

In honor of Will Herondale Remembrance Day, a snippet from Learn About Loss! Coming out on ebook and audio July 10.


He was Jem again, and he was in the city where he had been born. Shanghai.

Someone said, “Jem? Am I dreaming?” Even before he turned his head, Jem knew who would be sitting there beside him.


And it was Will. Not Will old and tired and wasted as Jem had last seen him, and not even Will as he had been when they’d first met Tessa Gray. No, this was Will as he had been in the first few years when they had lived and trained together in the London Institute. As he had been when they made their oath and become parabatai. Thinking this, Jem looked at his shoulder, where his parabatai. rune had been inscribed. The flesh there was unmarked. He saw that Will was doing the same thing, looking under his collar for the rune on his chest.

Så rörande och lite sorgligt. Will och Jem är mina parabatai-favoriter och när vi får citat som denna längtar jag ännu mer till 10 juli då novellen som Cassie har skrivit tillsammans med Kelly Link släpps.


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