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Besökarna på BookCon som gick av stapeln förra helgen hade möjlighet att få ett kapitel från Queen of Air and Darkness med sig hem och nu har även vi andra som inte var där möjlighet att läsa kapitel 3 - Nothing That is Ours.

Nothing That is Ours

The pyres were still burning as the procession turned and headed back toward the city. It was customary for the smoke to rise all night, and for families to gather in Angel Square to mourn among others.

Not that Emma thought it was likely the Blackthorns would do that. They would remain in their house, closeted in with each other: They had been too much apart all their lives to want comfort from other Shadowhunters who they barely knew.

She had trailed away from the rest of the group, too raw to want to try to talk to Julian again in front of his family. Besides, he was holding Tavvy’s hand.

“Emma,” said a voice beside her. She turned and saw Jem Carstairs.

Jem. She was too surprised to speak. Jem had been a Silent Brother once, and though he was a Carstairs, he was a very distant relative, due to being more than a century old. He only looked about twenty-four, though, and was dressed in jeans and scuffed shoes. He wore a white sweater, which she guessed was his concession to Shadowhunter funeral whites.

Jem was no longer a Shadowhunter, though he had been one for many years, and was one of the most famous of the Carstairs family, along with his cousin Cordelia.

“Jem,” she whispered, not wanting to alert anyone else in the procession. “Thanks for coming.”

“I wished you to know how sorry I am,” he said. He looked pale and drawn, but that couldn’t be grief for Livvy, could it? He’d barely known her. “I know you loved Livia like a sister.”

“Can we talk?” she said abruptly. “Just us?”

Ni kan läsa resten av kapitlet HÄR.
Okej... jag vill ha boken i mina händer NU! Kan inte fatta att vi måste vänta ända tills December innan vi får läsa den. Hela sommaren och hösten måste gå innan dess... Blir nog till att läsa de två första böckerna i serien till hösten för att ladda ordentligt.
Vad tyckte ni om detta kapitel? Har ni några tankar om vad som kommer att hända i boken?
Queen of Air and Darkness släpps 4 december.


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