"Magisterium: The Golden Tower" - citat och illustration

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Cassandra Clare och Holly Blacks ungdomsbokserie Magisterium kommer till sitt slut i september då den femte och sista boken - The Golden Tower släpps på engelska.
Cassie har delat ett citat från boken tillsammans med ett av alla de kapitelillustrationer som kommer att finnas genom hela boken.

Chapter heading illustration for Magisterium: The Golden Tower coming Sept. 11 from me and Holly Black! Sad but exciting to say goodbye to the series after five years. And now a snippet from TGT: Do you remember? Call thought, but Aaron had gone silent in his mind. It wasn’t fair. He felt bad about hurting Aaron’s feelings, but it was impossible not to think stupid, awful stuff. Horrible things floating to the surface of his mind all the time and he couldn’t stop them from coming. In the past, he’d barely restrained himself from saying the worst of his thoughts out loud; how was he supposed to restrain himself from thinking them? And then Aaron got to go off to hide in the back of his head and not reveal anything. Maybe Aaron’s thoughts were even worse than Call’s, but Call would never know. From the table laden with books, he heard Gwenda speak. “So Call dragged you to this enormous car graveyard looking for his father and then an elemental attacked you, and Call still didn’t tell you that he was the Enemy of Death?” “I think it was hard to say out loud,” Jasper said, surprising Call. “He probably wasn’t even sure we’d believe him. I wouldn’t have. Of course I would have pretended to at the time, because I was kidnapped and you should never tell your kidnapper that he’s a crazy person.” “You get kidnapped a lot,” Gwenda said, gloriously unsympathetic. “I do, now that you mention it,” said Jasper. “Why am I defending Call again? He’s the reason I'm always getting kidnapped.” “Because you’re super good friends?” Gwenda said, sounding confused. “You’re his sidekick. Well, one of his sidekicks.” *** Art by Scott Fischer!

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Handlingen av The Golden Tower är följande:

A generation ago, powerful mage Constantine Madden came close to achieving what no magician had ever achieved: the ability to bring back the dead. He didn’t succeed . . . but he did find a way to keep himself alive, inside a young child named Callum Hunt.

Facing up to what he is, Callum has battled chaos and evil across four years of magical training at the Magisterium, eventually defeating the armies of chaos in an epic battle.

It came at a cost.

Now, triumphant and heartbroken, Callum Hunt has just about had enough, and is ready to complete his training. But the evil Callum faced has not given up just yet…

The Golden Tower släpps 11 September på engelska.


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