Sista citatet från "Queen of Air and Darkness"

Publicerad 2018-12-03 22:21:01 i Queen of Air and Darkness, The Dark Artifices,

Cassandra Clare har i dag gett oss det SISTA citatet från Queen of Air and Darkness då boken ju faktiskt släpps imorgon!! Citatet är med Kit och Emma.

Kit rolled onto his back on the grass. He was gasping for breath. Dying, he thought. I’m dying. And I cannot be who they said I am. It’s impossible.

“Kit!” Emma was crouching over him, pulling the collar of his shirt aside to place an iratze there. “Kit, by the Angel, what did you do?”

“I don’t—know.” He felt like there was no breath in his body. His fingers scrabbled weakly against the dirt. Help me, Emma. Help me. Tell Ty—

“It’s all right.” There was someone else bending over him, someone with a familiar face and calming voice. “Christopher. Christopher, breathe.”


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