Nytt citat från "Queen of Air and Darkness" med Diana och Gwyn

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Cassandra delade igår, via tumblr, ett nytt citat från Queen of Air and Darkness, denna gång med Diana och Gwyn ap Nudd.
Om ni ännu inte har läst Lord of Shadows så sluta läsa här!!
En av anledningarna till att Cassie valde att dela citatet igår var för att det var "Internationella Transgender Synlighetsdagen" och Diana Wrayburn är Cassies första transgender karaktär.

Will we see more development on the Gwyn and Diana story line in qoaad? I really love them, they are my favorite paring and I’m really exited to see what’s next for them. P.S if you could give us any type of spoiler or tiny snippet about them is truly appreciated too. I really can’t wait until the book is out.

Gwyn and Diana are some of my favorites, too! I always love the adventure of a mortal human finding love with an ancient and mystical being, and I love how Gwyn supports and loves Diana. Also it’s Trans Visibility Day, which seems like a great time for a snippet!

“They fear your influence,” said Gwyn. “They know others listen to you. You are very persuasive, Diana, and startlingly wise.”

She made a face at him. “Flatterer.”

“I am not flattering you.” He stood up. “I am afraid for you. Horace Dearborn may not be a dictator yet, but he yearns to be one. His first move will to be to eliminate all who stand against him. He will move to extinguish the brightest lights first, those who illuminate the pathway for others.”

Diana shivered. “You are cynical, Gwyn.”

“It is possible I do not always see the best in people,” he said, “as I hunt down the souls of slain warriors on the battlefield.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Are you making a joke?”

“Maybe.” He looked puzzled. “I think I might have. Was it funny?”

Queen of Air and Darkness släpps om mindre än 250 dagar nämligen den 4 December.


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