Cassandra Clare delar två nya citat från Lord of Shadows

Publicerad 2017-03-10 13:59:14 i Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows, The Dark Artifices,

Cassandra Clare har via tumblr delat två nya citat från Lord of Shadows, den nya boken i serien The Dark Artifices som släpps på engelska 23 maj.
“Manuel is limping,” said Cristina. She had come up behind Emma and wrapped her arms around her from behind, resting her chin on her friend’s shoulder. “Did you do that?”
“I might have,” Emma murmured. She heard Cristina giggle. “He was trying to talk me into joining the Cohort.” (1)

Kieran’s gaze seemed dazzled by moonlight. He reached for Mark and laid his hands on Mark’s shoulders. There was a moment where Mark could have drawn away, but he didn’t. (2)


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