Bokomslag till Magisterium 4: The Silver Mask

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Via sin Insagram har Cassandra Clare avslöjat hur omslaget till bok 4 i serien Magisterium, som har titeln The Silver Mask, kommer att se ut.
Serien skriver Cassie tillsammans med Holly Black och den är riktad till ungdomar i åldern 9-12 (men den går lika bra att läsa för äldre också).
Tillsammans med bilden på omslaget har Cassie även gett oss ett citat från boken.
Boken kommer troligen släppas, på engelska, någon gång i September.

The cover of Magisterium 4: The Silver Mask! Call and Tamara looking very grown up, and who are you, mysterious hooded figure? Snippet from Silver Mask: "Master Joseph only laughed, though. “I have a proposal for you, how about that? Callum, once you complete the task I set for you, you can leave the island with your friends if that’s what you still want.” “A task?” Call asked. “Is this some kind of trick thing where I have to tame an impossible elemental or separate dirt from sand on an entire beach?” Master Joseph smiled. “Nothing like that.” He flung open the doors at the far end of the room. After a moment, Call and the others joined him at the entryway. Inside was a large, white-painted room. There was nothing in it but a metal table. On top of the table lay a body that was perfectly preserved, covered to the neck by a thin white sheet. “The task,” he said. “Is to raise Aaron Stewart from the dead.”" THE SILVER MASK #magisterium

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