Längre version av Julian & Emmas intima stund i Lord of Shadows

Publicerad 2017-06-15 22:44:58 i Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows, The Dark Artifices,

Cassandra Clare har efter många förfrågningar från fans valt att dela med sig av hennes första heta utkast till Julian och Emmas sex-scen i stugan de är i, i Lord of Shadows. Utkastet är långt, barn-förbjudet och från Julians synvinkel.

*clears throat* The most requested thing in my inbox has been the extended NSFW version of the cottage scene with Emma and Julian in Lord of Shadows. I usually write romantic scenes much longer than they actually are and then cut them down (it’s just how I do it) so these are the “unedited” versions. As such they do sometimes contain typos, word repeats, etc. I’m hoping you can enjoy them anyway. ;) The first version of this scene was in Julian’s POV, so here are all his insecure, complicated, desirous thoughts. ;)


Jules,” Emma said. “Say something, please —”

His hands tightened convulsively on her shoulders. She gasped as his body collided with hers, walking her backward until her shoulders hit the wall. She gazed up at him with obvious astonishment; he could see his face reflected in her dark irises. He barely recognized himself, and his voice sounded strange when he spoke, even to his own ears: “Julian,” he said. “I want you to call me Julian. Only ever that.”

Her eyes seemed to spark. Her lips moved slowly — her soft, delicious lips, her mouth that he had stared at for what felt like a million years of silent, hopeless wanting. 

“Julian,” she said, exhaling his name on a breath.


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