Dominic Sherwood i intervju med TVGuide om bl.a Sarah Hyland & Sebastian

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Dominic Sherwood berättar i en ny intervju med TVGuide om det senaste avsnittet av Shadowhunters, där de besöker fé hovet och Jace och Clarys relation:

After that kiss in the Seelie Court, will Jace see that as an opening, since it proved Clary still has feelings for him?

Dominic Sherwood: This transgression is definitely a step in a different direction for all of them, and it's something that of course Jace wants to explore. He's been in love with Clary since the moment they met in the alleyway way back in Episode 1 of Season 1. He's loved her since then, and whether or not he's willing to admit it, that's something that he's absolutely intensely passionate to explore.


Dominic berättar även vidare att vi i kommande säsong 2 avsnitt kommer att få veta mer om Jace och Valentines gamla relation. Och att det finns saker som Jace ännu inte vet om sig själv, som bara Valentine vet något om:

Valentine is evil as all hell, but he's a genius. The plans he's set forth have been in motion for a little over a decade. He's been putting this all in place for a long time, so we get to explore a little more of that, and that all kind of comes to a head with Jace, Clary, Valentine and a couple of other characters. We explore them a little more.


Dominic ger oss även en liten inblick i Sebastian och säger att han är 100% en psykopat. Vilket vi fick bevittna i slutet av avsnitt 2x14, då Sebastian håller någon inlåst.

Han fortsätter vidare med att ge oss en liten hint om varför Sebastian brände sin hand i ett tidigare avsnitt, vilket tydligen har något att göra med Sebastian och Jace kommande relation och vi kommer att få veta varför han gjorde det. Det var inte bara för att han tyckte det var kul - han testade sig själv. Han tränade sig själv:

And he burns his hands for fun because why not?

Sherwood: Actually that's interesting because that ends up, that very brief moment -- the writing is very clever, especially this season and especially with Sebastien -- that will come to fruition later on. It's actually very important in Sebastian and Jace's relationship later on down the line. We're going to figure out why. It's not just for fun. He's -- without trying to give too much away -- he's testing himself. He's training himself.


Vi är tydligen inte färdiga med Fedrottningen - utan vi kommer att få se mer av henne. När, var eller hur vill Dominic inte säga något om. Han vill heller inte ge oss några ledtrådar om flickvännen Sarah Hylands kommande roll i Shadowhunters:

What can you say about Sarah Hyland's guest role this season?

Sherwood: Very little. I can tell you she was a real pleasure and asset to have on set. The cast, the crew, everyone just fell in love with her not only from her performance but also her attitude and her soul and how caring she is. It was a real pleasure to have her on set.

All I can say is one, she does an amazing job and I'm very excited for everyone to see her, and two, I'm incredibly proud of her.

Hela intervjun med Dominic kan ni läsa hos TVGuide.


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