Shadowhunters 2x16 "Day of Atonement" - Bilder

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Freeform har släppt 5 bilder från Shadowhunters 2x16 - Day of Atonement som visas 17 juli i USA och kan ses 18 juli på Netflix.
Enligt bilderna ser det ut som att vi kommer att få en hel del mer Clace framöver ;)
Vill ni se bilderna i högre upplösning kan ni göra det på vår facebooksida, i bildgalleriet:
Beskrivningen av avsnittet är följande:
With everything that Simon has gone through this past year, a family dinner for Yom Kippur – the Jewish Day of Atonement – poses as a real challenge. How can he come clean about being a vampire and especially about what just happened to his family? And if he is stressed out, what if he can’t control his vampire urges? Looking to take care of this himself, Maia insists on helping him out whether he likes it or not. Meanwhile, Clary and Jace go on an unsanctioned mission and test out their newfound rune powers.


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