Nytt citat från "Queen of Air and Darkness" med Emma

Publicerad 2017-07-03 19:05:03 i Cassandra Clare, Queen of Air and Darkness, The Dark Artifices,

Om ni har skrivit upp er för att få nyhetsbrev från Cassandra Clare så kanske ni redan har läst följande citat som hon delade till sina fans via sitt nyhetsbrev nyligen. Citatet är från kommande boken Queen of Air and Darkness och kan vara lite spoilery om ni ännu inte läst Lord of Shadows.

Fear prickled up and down Emma’s arms like goosebumps. Since she was twelve, she had been terrified of the ocean: she had always believed her parents had died in it, dragged below the surface by Raziel knew what, choked to death on bitter seawater. The surge and crash of waves, the imagined black velvet of the ocean’s depths, had filled her nightmares.

Even when she found out her parents had been murdered on dry land by Malcolm Fade, their bodies thrown into the sea after death, the fear remained. She reached for it now, welcomed it in. She could feel it filling the empty spaces, the hollows left by grief.

She glanced back down at the sea. The surging whirlpool below, the waves slamming like dark blue walls against sheer needles of stone, looked like a painting of a maelstrom, a photograph of a hellscape taken from a safe distance.

The wind screamed in Emma’s ears like a warning. Another wave hurled itself against the cliffs, sending up an explosion of spray. Emma smiled grimly into the wind and salt, and jumped.

Har ni ännu inte skrivit upp er för att få Cassies nyhetsbrev så är det högtid att göra det nu om ni vill få exklusiva citat, nyheter och några bilder på Cassies katt Reginald.


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