Nytt citat från Lord of Shadows

Publicerad 2016-07-12 11:54:44 i Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows, The Dark Artifices,

Cassandra Clare har delat ett nytt citat, via sin tumblr, från den kommande boken Lord of Shadows, bok 2 i serien The Dark Artifices.

They threw their weapons down and hurled themselves toward the row of horses, one after the other — Livvy leapt at Julian, throwing her arms around his neck. Mark flung himself from his horse and landed to find himself being hugged tightly by Dru and Tavvy. Ty came more quietly, but with the same incandescent happiness on his face. He waited for Livvy to be done nearly strangling her brother and then stepped in to take Julian’s hands.

And Julian, who Kit had always thought of as an almost frightening model of control and distance, grabbed his brother and yanked him close, his hands twisting in the back of Ty’s shirt. His eyes were shut, and Kit had to look away.

He had never had anyone but his father, and he was sure beyond any words that his father had never loved him like that.

Boken släpps på engelska under våren 2017.


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