Nytt citat från Lady Midnight

Publicerad 2016-01-16 12:55:01 i Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight,

Cassandra Clare har delat ett nytt citat från Lady Midnight, bok 1 i serien The Dark Artifices, som kommer släppas 8 mars, 2016. Alltså om mindre än 2 månader ;)

Livvy made an exasperated noise, stomped forward, and seized Mark by the back of the shirt. “You don’t want him,” she said to the pink-haired girl. “He has syphilis.”

The girl goggled. “Syphilis?”

“Five percent of people in America have it,” said Ty, helpfully.

“I do not have syphilis,” Mark said in a fury. “There are no sexually transmitted diseases in Faerieland!”

The mundane girls fell instantly silent.



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