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Cassandra Clare var nyligen i London för ett superfan-event (och möjligen för att även göra reklam för Lady Midnight) och sajten TMI Source fick möjligheten att intervjua Cassie.
Några av frågorna kan ni läsa nedan, men vill ni läsa hela intervjun kan ni klicka er vidare till TMI Source. OBS!! Det är dock ganska många frågor om The Dark Artifices, så har ni inte läst Lady Midnight ännu så borde ni nog inte läsa hela intervjun.
Jag har plockat ut några av de frågor som jag inte tror är spoilers.

TMI Source: You’re obviously still writing The Shadowhunter Chronicles and Magisterium with Holly, but at some point in the future you will be done with everything so do you have something you would really love to write about?

Cassie: I’d like to do high fantasy. Make up a secondary world, invent a world like Westeros, that kind of thing. I’ve always wanted to do that since I was little and it’s actually kind of weird that I wound up doing urban fantasy first and not high fantasy. So I’d actually really like to write a high fantasy book.


TMI Source: Since we just talked about writing, what does your normal writing day look like? Do you have a routine or is every day different?

Cassie: I try to have a routine. I get up, I procrastinate for a while, I usually start writing in the afternoon, I try to set a certain amount of words that I have to finish a day – usually 3,000 – and when I finish the 3,000 words then I’m done and I can do whatever. But if I don’t finish it I have to keep working. Usually Holly comes over and joins me for writing from about 1 o’clock to 6 o’clock or 6:30 pm. So we work together for most of the day.


TMI Source: So Lord of Shadows is done and about to be copyedited?

Cassie: No, it’s done and needs to be edited which means edited by me. So it’s done in the sense that there is a first draft but it’s not done-done.


TMI Source: France, nice. The last book you’ve read?

Cassie: It was called Sorcerer to the Crown, it was really good.


TMI Source: What genre is it?

Cassie: It’s fantasy, high fantasy with a certain Middle Eastern setting.


TMI Source: Interesting. Your favourite line from one of your books?

Cassie: I think it’s got to be from The Infernal Devices because there’s so much how I feel about books in there so “Words have the power to change us”.


TMI Source: Yeah, that’s a good one! Last question: Who would you love to write a book with?

Cassie: Rick Riordan.



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