Cassandra Clare delar nytt stycke från 'The Last Hours'

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Cassandra Clare har delat ett nytt stycke från bok 1, som har titeln Chain of Gold, i bokserien The Last Hours.

James and Matthew separated, Matthew to dance with Lucie, and James to speak to his parents. Cordelia saw them glance over toward her and looked away quickly; still, she was not at all surprised when James appeared a moment later in front of her, flashing a smile at his aunt and uncle.

“Miss Carstairs,” he said, with a slight bow in Cordelia’s direction. “Would you favor me with this dance?”

“It’s a waltz,” said Cordelia’s mother, before Cordelia could speak. “My daughter does not know how to waltz.”

Cordelia bit her lip. She certainly knew how to dance: her mother had engaged an expert instructor to teach her the quadrille and the lancer, the stately minuet and the cotilion. But the waltz was a seductive dance, one where you could feel your partner’s body against yours, scandalous when it had first become popular.

She very much wanted to waltz with James.

Vi vet ännu inte när böckerna i serien The Last Hours kommer att släppas men Cassandra skrev på sin twitter för några dagar sedan att schemat för boksläppen ser ut som följande just nu. Detta kan alltså komma att ändras framöver
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