Cassandra Clare delar ett nytt stycke från The Last Hours

Publicerad 2015-07-27 20:38:46 i Cassandra Clare, The Last Hours,

Cassandra Clare har via sin tumblr delat ett nytt stycke från en av böckerna i den kommande serien The Last Hours, för att tacka alla oss fans för de födelsedags hälsningar som hon har fått under dagen.

Thank you all for the lovely birthday tweets and messages; I’m overwhelmed! I’m spending the day with my family but you all will be in my thoughts and long-distance hugs.

A birthday snippet from The Last Hours: Will being such a dad. :)

““Matthew told me what happened at the park,” Will muttered in a voice no one but James could hear. James shot a betrayed look at Matthew, who shrugged and gave him a half-smile. Matthew could be relied on to tattle on James if he thought it was for his own good. “Thank the Angel for Matthew and Thomas and Christopher.” He touched James’ face. “I regret ever having said that your generation was wasting its time with parties and boating and dancing. All I wish for you is to be able to amuse yourself in a pointless fashion during peace and never, ever be in danger.””


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