Cassandra Clare delar ett nytt stycke från City of Bones Collectors Edition

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The Mortal Instruments böckerna och The Infernal Devices böckerna kommer den 1 september att släppas med ny design. För att fira att det är mindre än 1 vecka kvar tills dess så har Cassandra Clare delat ett nytt stycke från City of Bones Collectors Edition där vi för första gången kommer att kunna läsa en scen från Jace synvinkel.

Denna utgåva av boken, collectors edition, där denna scen finns med kan man bara köpa via Barnes and Noble.

Alla utgåvor av böckerna med de nya omslagen kommer att ha kartor med New York (TMI) eller London (TID) och nya förord av Cassandra om varför hon har skrivit serierna bl.a.
Barnes and Noble utgåvorna kommer även att innehålla öppningsscenen från City of Bones från Jace synvinkel och de är alla med hårda omslag, alltså inte pocket.

The special edition of City of Bones is the only repackage that’s hardcover.

It is only available through Barnes and Noble. Unless people decide to sell it on Ebay, it will never be available anywhere else.

All the repackages have maps of New York (TMI) or London (TID) and forwards by me talking a bit about why I wrote each series. Only the B&N edition is 1) in hardcover 2) a book that contains the opening scene from City of Bones from Jace’s viewpoint.

It’s called “Awake”, from this quote: It was like he was always half-awake where other people were concerned. And then we met you, and he woke up. — Isabelle to Clary, City of Glass

A snippet:

Jace glanced over at Alec and Isabelle. Killing a demon in front of a mundane, unless there was an immediate threat, was something of a no-no. Mundanes weren’t supposed to know about demons.  For one of the first times in his life, Jace found himself at a loss. They couldn’t leave the girl with the Eidolon; it would kill her. If they left the Eidolon alone, it would escape, and kill someone else. If they stayed and killed it, they’d be exposed.

“Knock her out,” Alec muttered, under his breath. “Just … whack her on the head with something.”

“Just go,” Jace said to the girl. “Get out of here, if you know what’s good for you.”

But she only planted her feet harder. He could see the look in her eyes, like exclamation points: No! No!

“I’m not going anywhere,” she said. “If I do, you’ll kill him.”

Jace had to admit that was true. “What do you care?” He pointed at the demon with his knife. “That’s not a person, little girl. It may look like a person and talk like a person and bleed like a person. But it’s a monster.”

“Jace!” Isabelle’s eyes flashed. They were depthless, black, angry. Isabelle never got angrier than when Jace risked getting himself in trouble or danger. And he was risking both, now. Breaking the Law — talking about Shadowhunter business with mundanes — and what was worse, he was liking it. Something about this girl, her stormcloud of red hair and her snapping green eyes, made him feel as if his veins were filled with gunpowder and she was a match.

As if, if she touched him, he’d burn up. But then, he loved explosions.

City of Bones - Collectors Edition kostar just nu $16.24 vilket är ca. 137 SEK och internationell frakt är $13 vilket är ca. 110 SEK om det är någon som är sugen på att köpa den.
Någon av er som planerar att köpa böckerna med de nya omslagen?
Jag har frågat min kontakt på Bonnier som ger ut böckerna på svenska om även de svenska böckerna kommer att finnas med denna nya design. Jag väntar fortfarande på svar från henne om detta. Så fort jag fått ett svar så kommer jag att meddela er andra också.


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