Bokomslaget till den tryckta The Bane Chronicles

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Cassandra Clare har via Tumblr delat hur omslaget till den tryckta versionen av The Bane Chronicles kommer att se ut.
Boken som släpps i November kommer att innehålla en extra berättelse samt några bilder ritade av Cassandra Jean.

Here it is! Magnus’ pretty face, revealed in honor of the release of the last of the Bane Chronicles, The Course of True Love (And First Dates)  which details Magnus’ first date with Alec, and how it went horribly wrong and then oh so right. :)


The print edition will release in November, and has a special bonus mini-story in it as a reward for those who had to wait for print. :) It also contains interstitial comics drawn by Cassandra Jean!


Maureen and Sarah and I had a blast working on the Bane Chronicles. It was a fun, fantastic experience filled with terrible green jokes about Ragnor, sexy audiobook readers, and of course, lots of time spent with Magnus, which is always a good thing. Thanks so much to everyone for your support of TBC!

Cassie delade även följande bild via sin Instagram
In my editor’s office…

In my editor’s office…

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