Snippet från The Bane Chronicles #3

Publicerad 2013-06-10 19:55:24 i Cassandra Clare, The Bane Chronicles,

Cassandra Clare har delat med sig av ett citat från nästa The Bane Chronicles e-bok som kommer att finnas till försäljning 18 juni.
I was very stupid,” Edmund said, almost violently. “I thought of love as a game. It is not a game. It is more serious than death. Without Linette, I might as well be dead.”

“You speak of giving up your Shadowhunter nature,” said Magnus softly. “One can give up many things for love, but one should not give up oneself.”

“Is that so, Bane?” Edmund whirled on him. “I was born to be a warrior, and I was born to be with her. Tell me how to reconcile the two, because I cannot!
The Bane Chronicles #3 har titeln Vampire, Scones and Edmund Herondale. Ni kan redan nu förhandsboka e-boken från bl.a. Amazon.


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