Twitterchatten med Cassandra och Jamie

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Tidigare idag höll Cassandra och Jamie en twitterchatt där fansen fick ställa frågor.
Några av de frågorna och svaren var följande:
How hard was it doing stunts? Have you recovered?
Jamie Campbell Bower: Very difficult and no, I’m still sore and going back to do number two [City of Ashes]!
How did the idea of this book series come about?
Cassie: I was inspired after going to magical New York City.
You’ve said Lily is amazing as Clary, what was your favorite scene to film with her?
J: Greenhouse scene.
What are you looking forward to, in the City of Ashes film?
Cassie: The court scene
Jamie: The development of characters.
When are you going to start filming CoA?
Jamie: End of September.
Cassandra svarade även på frågor rörande sista boken i The Mortal Instruments serien - City of Heavenly Fire:
Could u give hints to the plot of the last book?
Cassie: We leave this world entirely, for a different world.
Vill ni läsa hela intervjun kan ni göra det hos Page to Premiere.


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