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I dagens nedräkning till Queen of Air and Darkness får ni ett ganska långt citat med Emma och Julian som Cassandra delade i sitt nyhetsbrev i maj.

Julian's room was small, and painted an incongruously cheerful shade of blue. A white-painted four-poster bed dominated the space. Emma tugged him toward it, sitting him down gently, and went to bolt on the door.

“Why are you locking the door?” Julian raised his head. It was the first thing he'd said since they'd left Ty's room, though he’d followed her calmly enough.

"You need some privacy, Julian," she said. She turned toward him; God, the way he looked broke her heart. Blood freckled his skin, darkened his stiff clothes, had dried in patches on his boots. Livvy's locket glittered in the hollow of his throat, though it had dangled against Livvy's sternum. Emma remembered that locket: a gift from Julian to his sister when she'd turned thirteen, it had belonged to their grandmother. It had a circlet of the family thorns on the front, and Julian had added an etching to the back: a pair of crossed sabres, Livvy's weapon.

It held a picture of Ty, Emma knew. She'd barely noticed Livvy wearing it at the Council meeting, though she knew Livvy often wore it when she was feeling nervous, the same way Emma kept tight hold of Cortana.

She wished she'd noticed Livvy more in those last moments, paid more attention to her, rather than worrying about the Cohort, about Manuel and Zara and Jessica, about Robert Lightwood and exile, about her own broken, messed-up heart. She wished she had held Livvy one more time, marveling at how tall and grown-up she was, how she had changed from the chubby toddler she recalled in her own earliest memories.

"Don't," Julian said, roughly.

Emma came closer to him; she couldn't stop herself. He had to look up to meet her eyes. "Don't do what?"

"Blame yourself," he said. "I can feel you thinking about how you should have done something different. I can't let those kind of thoughts in, or I'll go to pieces."

He was sitting on the very edge of the bed, as if he couldn't bear the thought of lying down. Very gently, Emma touched his face, sliding the palm of her hand across his jaw. He shuddered and caught her wrist, hard.

"Emma," he said, and for one of the first times in her life, she couldn't read his voice — it was low and dark, rough without being angry, wanting something, but she didn't know what.

"What can I do," she breathed. "What can I do, I'm your parabatai, Julian, I need to help you."

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50 dagar kvar till Queen of Air and Darkness släpps och idag får ni ett citat delat av Cassandra via hennes tumblr, som är med Cristina och Kieran.
"I am not a princess," Cristina said; she was leaning over him, one of her hands braced against the blanket. Kieran's face was close to hers, so close she could see the dark fringe of his eyelashes. "And I do not want you to go."

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I dagens nedräkning får ni ett citat från Queen of Air and Darkness som Cassandra delade via tumblr för några månader sedan efter att hon fått en fråga från ett fan om hon själv anser att Julian anklagade Emma för att vara en hora eftersom hon dejtat flera av Blackthorns bröderna. Ni kan läsa hela Cassies utläggning om detta på hennes tumblr.
Som svar på frågan fick vi bl.a. ett nytt citat från QoAaD med just Emma och Julian. Detta skall utspela sig efter att flera skall ha retat Julian för att han har en tjej som Parabatai.
"Julian, remember what Dane said, that you were the kind of guy who would have a girl for a parabatai?" She knelt up on the bed, raising her chin to look him directly in the eye. "That's what I always loved about you, even before I was in love with you. You never thought for a second about it diminishing you to have a girl as your warrior partner, you never acted as if I was anything less than your complete equal. You never for a moment made me feel like I had to be weak for you to be strong."

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Nedräkningen till releasen av Queen of Air and Darkness fortsätter som vanligt. Idag får ni ett ganska långt citat som delades via Cassandras bokförlag Simon & Schuster och det Shadowhunter Army Nyhetsbrev som skickades i maj.

In the reflection of the window glass, Kit saw the bedroom door open and Ty come in. He was still wearing his mourning clothes, though he'd taken off the jacket and was just in a black long-sleeve T-shirt. And Kit knew it was too late to run, that he cared about these people now, and specifically Ty.

"I'm glad you're here." Ty sat down on the bed and started unlacing his shoes. "I wanted to talk to you."

The door was still slightly open and Kit could hear voices coming from the kitchen downstairs. Helen's, Dru's, Emma's, Julian's. Diana had gone back to her own house. Apparently she lived in a weapons store or something like that. She'd gone back to get some kind of tool she thought could fish the splinters out of Julian’s bleeding hands.

Ty's hands were fine, but he'd been wearing gloves. Kit had seen Julian's when he'd gone to rinse them out at the sink, and they'd looked like shrapnel had blown into his palms. Emma had stood nearby looking worried, but Julian had said he didn’t want an iratze, that it would just heal the skin closed over the bits of wood. His voice had sounded so flat, Kit had barely recognized it.

"I know how this is going to sound," Kit said, turning so his back was against the cold glass. Ty was hunched over, and Kit caught the gleam of gold at his neck. "But you're not acting the way I expected."

Ty kicked his boots off. "Because I climbed up the pyre?"

"No, that was kind of actually the most expected thing you did," said Kit. "I just..."

"I did it to get this," Ty said, and put his hand to his throat. Kit recognized the gold chain and the slim disk of metal attached to it: Livvy's locket, the one he'd helped her put on before the Council meeting. He vividly remembered her holding her hair aside as he fastened the clasp, and the smell of her perfume. His stomach lurched.

"Livvy's necklace," he said. "I mean, I guess that makes sense. I just thought you would..."

"Cry?" Ty didn't look angry, but the intensity in his gray eyes had deepened. He was still holding the pendant. "Everybody is supposed to cry. But that's because they accept that Livvy is dead. But I don't. I don't accept it."


"I'm going to get her back," said Ty.

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57 dagar kvar till Queen of Air and Darkness och idag får ni ett citat med Cristina som Cassandra delade i sitt nyhetsbrev i april.

Something struck Cristina's back; she screamed as her feet left the ground. A harpy had sunk its claws into the back of her gear jacket and was lifting her into the air. She thought of stories about how eagles flew high into the sky with their prey and then released them, letting their bodies smash open on the earth below. The ground was already receding below her with terrifying speed.

With a scream of fear and anger, she slashed up and backward with her sword, slicing the harpy's claws off at the joint. The demon shrieked and Cristina tumbled through the air, her sword falling out of her hand, reaching out as if she could catch on to something to slow her fall—she saw Mark's pale, terrified face turned up toward her harpies surrounding him in a dark cloud—

Something reached out to seize her out of the sky.

She gasped as a hand caught her elbow, and she was yanked sideways to land awkwardly atop something warm and alive. A flying horse.

Nytt citat från "Queen of Air and Darkness" med Emma

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Queen of Air and Darkness släpps om mindre än 9 veckor och för att fira detta valde Cassandra Clare att igår, via Instagram ge oss ett nytt citat från boken med Emma.

The morning air caught the edge of Emma’s hood as she turned. “What is this about?” One of the Faerie girls shook her head. “The King is suspicious, naturally. Too long has there been enmity between the Courts. The Riders are inspecting each guest.” Emma froze in horror. “The Riders of Mannan?”

Queen of Air and Darkness - den avslutande delen i The Dark Artifices trilogin släpps 4 december.

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I dagens nedräkning får ni ett citat med Gwyn och Diana som Cassandra Clare delade via tumblr för några månader sedan.

"They fear your influence," said Gwyn. "They know others listen to you. You are very persuasive, Diana, and startlingly wise."

She made a face at him. "Flatterer."

"I am not flattering you." He stood up. "I am afraid for you. Horace Dearborn may not be a dictator yet, but he yearns to be one. His first move will to be to eliminate all who stand against him. He will move to extinguish the brightest lights first, those who illuminate the pathway for others."

Diana shivered. "You are cynical, Gwyn."

"It is possible I do not always see the best in people," he said, "as I hunt down the souls of slain warriors on the battlefield."

She raised her eyebrows. "Are you making a joke?"

"Maybe." He looked puzzled. "I think I might have. Was it funny?"

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I dagens nedräkning får ni ett citat med Emma som Cassandra Clare delade för några månader sedan.

The pyres were still burning as the procession turned and headed back toward the city. It was customary for the smoke to rise all night, and for families to gather in Angel Square to mourn among others.

Not that Emma thought it was likely the Blackthorns would do that. They would remain in their house, closeted in with each other: they had been too much apart all their lives to want comfort from other Shadowhunters who they barely knew.

She had trailed away from the rest of the group, too raw to want to try to talk to Julian again in front of his family. Besides, he was holding Tavvy, who was cried out and almost asleep.

"Emma," said a voice beside her.

She turned and saw Jem Carstairs.

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Nedräkningen fortsätter och idag får ni ett lite längre citat som Cassandra delade via tumblr för några månader sedan:

"Please. I've taught at Shadowhunter Academy. I —" Catarina began to cough, her shoulders shaking. Her eyes widened in alarm.

Cristina slid out of bed, alarmed. "Are you all right —?"

But Catarina had vanished. There wasn't even a swirl of air to show where her Projection had been.

Cristina hastily threw on her clothes: jeans, an old t-shirt. She wished with all her heart that Emma was here, that they could talk about last night, that Emma could give her advice and a shoulder to cry on.

But she wasn't. Cristina touched her necklace, whispered a quick prayer to the Angel, and headed down the hall to Mark’s room.

He'd been up as late as she was, so there was a high possibility he was still sleeping. She knocked on the door hesitantly and then harder; finally Mark threw it open, yawning and stark naked.

"Híjole!" Cristina shrieked, and pulled her t-shirt collar up over her face. "Put your pants on!"

"Sorry," he called, ducking behind the door. "At least you've already seen it all."

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I dagens nedräkning får ni ett citat med Kit delat av Cassie i ett av hennes nyhetsbrev.

A ghost, Kit thought. Like Jessamine. He looked around wildly: surely there would be more ghosts here, their dead feet leaving no traces on the grass?

But he only saw the Blackthorns, clinging together, Emma and Cristina side by side, and Julian with Tavvy in his arms, as the smoke rose up and around them. Half-reluctantly he glanced back: the young man with the dark hair had moved to kneel beside Robert Lightwood's pyre. He was closer to the flames than any human could have gotten, and they seemed to eddy within the outline of his body, lighting his eyes with fiery tears.

Parabatai, Kit thought, suddenly. In the slump of the young man's shoulders, in his outstretched hands, in the longing stamped on his face, he saw Emma and Julian, he saw Alec as he spoke about Jace; he knew he was looking at the ghost of Robert Lightwood's parabatai. He didn't know how he knew it, but he did.

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74 dagar kvar till Queen of Air and Darkness och det firar vi givetvis med ett citat delat av Cassie.

"You hated the Shadow Market in London," Kit said. "It really bothered you. The noises, and the crowd —"

Ty’s gaze flicked down to Kit. "I'll wear my headphones. I’ll be all right."

"...and I don't know if we should go again so soon," Kit added. "What if Helen and Aline get suspicious?"

Ty's gaze darkened. "Julian told me once," he said, "that when people keep coming up with reasons not do something, it's because they don't want to do it. Do you not want to do this?"

Ty's voice sounded tight. The thrumming wire again, sharp with tension. Under the cotton of his shirt, his too-thin shoulders had tightened as well. The neck of his shirt was loose, the delicate line of his collarbones just visible.

Kit felt a rush of tenderness toward Ty, mixed with near-panic. In other circumstances, he thought, he would just have lied. But he couldn't lie to Ty.

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78 dagar kvar till Queen of Air and Darkness - idag får ni ett ganska långt citat, med Emma, Cristina och Mark, som Cassandra Clare delade via sitt nyhetsbrev i december förra året.

Emma had been halfway up the stairs on the way to Cristina's room when she had seen Mark, leaning against the wall on the landing and looking dejected. “Dru won't let me in to talk to her," he said. "I am worried. It is like a faerie to grieve alone, but not, I understand, like a Shadowhunter."

Emma hesitated. She was about to say that it wasn't unlike Dru to lock herself in her room alone, but Dru had looked more than a little upset when she'd left the kitchen. "Keep trying," she advised. "Sometimes you have to knock for twenty minutes or so. Or you could offer to watch a horror movie with her."

Mark looked glum. "I do not think I would enjoy a horror movie."

"You never know," Emma said. 

He turned to head back up the stairs, and hesitated. "I am worried about you and Jules as well," he said, more quietly. "I do not like the Inquisitor, or the idea of you being questioned by him. He reminds me of the King of Unseelie."

Emma was startled. "He does?"

"They give me the same feeling," Mark said. "I cannot explain it, but —"

A door opened on the landing overhead: it was Cristina's. She stepped out, glancing down. "Emma? I wondered if you were —"

She stopped when she saw Mark, and she and Mark stared at each other in a way that made Emma feel as if she had disappeared completely. 

"I didn't mean to interrupt," Cristina said, but she was still looking at Mark, and he was looking back as if their gazes were hopelessly tied together. 

Mark had shaken himself, as if he were casting off cobwebs or dreams. "It is all right — I must go speak with Drusilla." He had bounded up the stairs and out of sight, disappearing around the bend in the corridor.

Cristina had snapped out of it and invited Emma in, and now it was as if the moment with Mark had never happened, though Emma was itching to ask about it. "Mark will need you," she said again, and Cristina twisted her hands in her lap.

"Mark," she said, and paused. "I don’t know what Mark is thinking. If he is angry at me."

"Why would he be angry at you?"  

"Because of Kieran," she said. "They did not end things well, and now Kieran is at the Scholomance, and far away, which was my doing."

"You didn't break him up with Kieran," Emma protested. "If anything, you helped keep them together longer. Remember — hot faerie threesome."

Cristina dropped her face into her hands. "Mrfuffhfhsh," she said.


"I said," Cristina repeated, lifting her face, "that Kieran sent me a note."

"He did? How? When?"

"This morning. In an acorn." Cristina passed a small piece of paper to Emma. "It isn't very illuminating."

Lady of Roses,

Though the Scholomance is cold, and Diego is boring, I am still grateful that you found enough value in my life to save it. You are as kind as you are beautiful. My thoughts are with you.


"Why did he send you this?" Emma handed the note back to Cristina, shaking her head. "It's weird. He's so weird!"

"I think he just wanted to thank me for the escape plan," Cristina protested. "That's all."

"Faeries don't like thanking people," said Emma. "This is a romantic note."

Cristina blushed. "It's just the way faeries talk. It doesn't mean anything."

"When it comes to faeries," Emma said darkly, "everything means something."

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81 dagar kvar till Queen of Air and Darkness och för att det är fredag så får ni ett lite längre citat med Kit och Ty, som Cassandra Clare delat via TMI Source.

He wanted to ask Ty if he was all right, but he knew the other boy wouldn't want it. Ty was staring at the Market, tense with curiosity. Kit turned to the phouka.

"Gatekeeper," he said. "We request entrance to the Shadow Market."

Ty's gaze snapped to attention. The phouka was tall, dark and thin, with bronze and gold strands threaded through his long hair. He wore purple trousers and no shoes. The lamppost he leaned against was between two stalls, neatly blocking the way into the Market.

"Kit Rook," said the phouka. "What a compliment it is, to still be recognized for one who has left us to dwell among the angels."

"He knows you," muttered Ty.

"Everyone in the Shadow Market knows me," said Kit, hoping Ty would be impressed.

The phouka stubbed out his cigarette. It released a sickly-sweet smell of charred herbs. "Password," he said.

"I'm not saying that," said Kit. "You think it's funny to try to make people say that."

"Say what? What's the password?" Ty demanded.

The phouka grinned. "Wait here, Kit Rook," he said, and melted back into the shadows of the Market.

"He's going to get Hale," said Kit, trying to hide the signs of his nerves.

"Can they see us?" Ty said. He was looking into the Shadow Market, where clusters of Downworlders, witches and other assorted members of the magical underworld moved among the clamor. "Out here?"

It was like standing outside a lighted room in the dark, Kit thought. And though Ty might not express it that way, Kit suspected he felt the same.

"If they can, they'd never show it," he said.

Cassandra Clare delar Alec citat

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Vår älskade bokkaraktär Alec Lightwood hade igår, 12 september, födelsedag och Cassandra Clare delade tre citat - de två första är från boken Red Scrolls of Magic som är den första boken i serien The Eldest Curses som släpps 2 april, 2019.
Till citaten har vi även fått en bild ritad av Cassandra Jean.
Cassie delade ett citat via Tumblr och ett via Instagram.

This is the best message for Alec on his birthday I could think of. Alec, my love, I remember inventing you and loving you when no one else had met you; I remember thinking of one of my best friends, who is now no longer with us, and...


This is the best message for Alec on his birthday I could think of. Alec, my love, I remember inventing you and loving you when no one else had met you; I remember thinking of one of my best friends, who is now no longer with us, and wanting to give him the happy ending that he never got. 

Alec, you will get the moon and the stars, the leadership you deserve, and the man you love. And there’s still so much more for you to experience. :)

Thank you Cassandra Jean for this gorgeous art!

And now a snippet from Red Scrolls. Don’t worry I’ve got a little Malecy one for later, but I wanted to post something just about Alec, his heart and his growth.

"Helen," Alec said. "The Clave tells us not to trust Downworlders. Despite the Accords, despite everything, we all get indoctrinated, and we —" He broke off, looking up at the clear, cold stars. "I used to follow the rules because I thought it would keep everyone I cared about safe," he said. "But I’ve started to realize that everyone I care about is a bigger group and a different group than the Clave was built to accept."

"So what are you suggesting we do?" Helen said.

"We change the Clave," said Alec. "From inside. We make new Laws. Better ones."

"Institute Heads can suggest new laws," said Aline. "Your mother —"

"I want to do this myself," said Alec. "I’ve realized — I don’t need to change. And neither do you, Helen, or you, Aline. It’s the world that needs to change, and we’re going to be the ones to change it."

 Happy Birthday Alec Lightwood! You deserve the sun moon and stars. A tiny snippet just for Instagram from the Red Scrolls of Magic (and check my stories for a tiny treat ;) ******************
"I might have gone a little overboard," Magnus admitted. "But I wanted to lay all the grandeur and dazzle of Europe at your feet. I wanted you to have fun." "I have had fun," Alec said. "But I didn’t need any of that. They were just places. You don’t have to set any scene to convince me. I don’t need Paris, or Venice, or Rome. I just want you."
Cassie delade även ett citat från den kommande sjunde novellen i serien Ghosts of the Shadow Market - The Land I Lost, där vi kommer att läsa en del om en av Alecs resor. Novellen släpps 9 oktober.
Land I Lost snippet for Alec’s birthday!

Rafe held up his hands to be carried. Alec swung him up in his arms. Warlock hearts beat differently, and Alec was used to hearing the sound of Magnus and Max’s hearts, infinitely steady and reassuring. It was odd, holding a child with a mortal heartbeat, but Alec was getting used to the new rhythm.

The evening sun was scorching on whitewashed walls of the street they were heading down. Their shadows were long behind them, but the town was still bright, and Alec saw for the first time that it could be lovely.

Occasionally Alec despaired: that the world couldn’t be changed, or even that it wouldn’t change fast enough. He was not immortal, and didn’t want to be, but there were times he was afraid he wouldn’t live long enough, that he’d never have the chance to take Magnus’s hands in front of everyone they loved and make a sacred promise.        

At those times, there was an image Alec held against exhaustion or surrender, a reminder to always keep fighting for that day, for their day.

When he was gone, when he was dust and ashes, Magnus would still be walking through this world. If the world was changed for the better, then that unknowable future would be better for Magnus. Alec could imagine that on some scorching hot day like this, on a strange street in a strange land, Magnus might see something good that reminded him of Alec, some way that the world was changed because Alec had lived. Alec couldn’t imagine what the world would be like then.

But he could imagine, in some faraway future, the face he loved best.

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Idag får ni ett citat, med Emma som Cassandra Clare gav sina läsare redan 2017, via sitt nyhetsbrev.

Fear prickled up and down Emma's arms like goosebumps. Since she was twelve, she had been terrified of the ocean: she had always believed her parents had died in it, dragged below the surface by Raziel knew what, choked to death on bitter seawater. The surge and crash of waves, the imagined black velvet of the ocean's depths, had filled her nightmares.

Even when she found out her parents had been murdered on dry land by Malcolm Fade, their bodies thrown into the sea after death, the fear remained. She reached for it now, welcomed it in. She could feel it filling the empty spaces, the hollows left by grief.

She glanced back down at the sea. The surging whirlpool below, the waves slamming like dark blue walls against sheer needles of stone, looked like a painting of a maelstrom, a photograph of a hellscape taken from a safe distance.

The wind screamed in Emma's ears like a warning. Another wave hurled itself against the cliffs, sending up an explosion of spray. Emma smiled grimly into the wind and salt, and jumped.

Nytt citat från "Queen of Air and Darkness" med Magnus & Julian

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Idag är det 100 dagar kvar till Queen of Air and Darkness släpps och Cassandra Clare har via Instagram gett oss ett nytt citat för att "fira" dagen.
“I’m here on my own account,” Magnus said, in a low and distant voice. “I need your help. There is absolutely no one else that I can ask.”
“That’s not what I . . .” Julian pushed sopping-wet hair out of his eyes, his voice trailing off in realization. “You’re remembering someone.”
Queen of Air and Darkness är den avslutande delen i The Dark Artifices trilogin och släpps 4 december.