"Magisterium: The Golden Tower" - citat och illustration

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Cassandra Clare och Holly Blacks ungdomsbokserie Magisterium kommer till sitt slut i september då den femte och sista boken - The Golden Tower släpps på engelska.
Cassie har delat ett citat från boken tillsammans med ett av alla de kapitelillustrationer som kommer att finnas genom hela boken.

Chapter heading illustration for Magisterium: The Golden Tower coming Sept. 11 from me and Holly Black! Sad but exciting to say goodbye to the series after five years. And now a snippet from TGT: Do you remember? Call thought, but Aaron had gone silent in his mind. It wasn’t fair. He felt bad about hurting Aaron’s feelings, but it was impossible not to think stupid, awful stuff. Horrible things floating to the surface of his mind all the time and he couldn’t stop them from coming. In the past, he’d barely restrained himself from saying the worst of his thoughts out loud; how was he supposed to restrain himself from thinking them? And then Aaron got to go off to hide in the back of his head and not reveal anything. Maybe Aaron’s thoughts were even worse than Call’s, but Call would never know. From the table laden with books, he heard Gwenda speak. “So Call dragged you to this enormous car graveyard looking for his father and then an elemental attacked you, and Call still didn’t tell you that he was the Enemy of Death?” “I think it was hard to say out loud,” Jasper said, surprising Call. “He probably wasn’t even sure we’d believe him. I wouldn’t have. Of course I would have pretended to at the time, because I was kidnapped and you should never tell your kidnapper that he’s a crazy person.” “You get kidnapped a lot,” Gwenda said, gloriously unsympathetic. “I do, now that you mention it,” said Jasper. “Why am I defending Call again? He’s the reason I'm always getting kidnapped.” “Because you’re super good friends?” Gwenda said, sounding confused. “You’re his sidekick. Well, one of his sidekicks.” *** Art by Scott Fischer!

Ett inlägg delat av Cassie Clare (@cassieclare1) 26 Jul 2018 kl. 12:41 PDT

Handlingen av The Golden Tower är följande:

A generation ago, powerful mage Constantine Madden came close to achieving what no magician had ever achieved: the ability to bring back the dead. He didn’t succeed . . . but he did find a way to keep himself alive, inside a young child named Callum Hunt.

Facing up to what he is, Callum has battled chaos and evil across four years of magical training at the Magisterium, eventually defeating the armies of chaos in an epic battle.

It came at a cost.

Now, triumphant and heartbroken, Callum Hunt has just about had enough, and is ready to complete his training. But the evil Callum faced has not given up just yet…

The Golden Tower släpps 11 September på engelska.

Nytt citat med Magnus Bane

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Cassandra Clare har delat ett nytt citat via tumblr, med ingen mindre än Magnus Bane. Men Cassandra har valt att låta oss gissa från vilken av hennes kommande böcker som citatet är ifrån då hon inte ger någon som helst information om det.

It was late, and someone was trying to break into the High Warlock of Brooklyn’s apartment.

​Magnus Bane, the High Warlock in question, felt this behavior was rash and foolish. He’d been passed out on his still-made bed, too exhausted to slip under the burgundy and emerald sheets, or even take off his robe, when he heard the noise of his window sliding open. He was grateful for the robe. He felt it would be demoralizing to face housebreakers in nothing but silk pajama bottoms.

​Also, the housebreakers had done nothing to deserve such a sight.

Vilken av Cassies kommande böcker tror ni att citatet är ifrån?

Nytt citat från "The Lost Book of the White" med Malec

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För att fira att det är Malec vecka (vilket det tydligen är nu) så har Cassandra Clare, via tumblr, gett oss ett långt citat från The Lost Book of the White som är bok 2 i Malec-bokserien The Eldest Curses.

From…..LOST BOOK OF THE WHITE. Really. We’re jumping ahead for fun. Our boys steal some time alone with the baby in the next room….

Now Magnus watched Alec walk toward their bed, safe and home and well-beloved, and he felt the last of the tension slip from his body. He could sleep again, he thought. It had been a while since they slept in their bed together, at the same time. Too long. He rolled his shoulders, sighing, and Alec’s eyes followed the movement.

“I’m not tired,” claimed Alec, clearly lying. “Are you tired? Or would you want to—stay awake?”

Oh. It had been a while for a few things.

Too long.

Magnus leaned in across the bed and lied, his voice soft and delighted: “I’m not tired.”

Alec was already leaning in to him, his lean warrior’s body stretched out on the bed and curving toward Magnus. They met halfway, the kiss moonlight soft at first. Magnus was smiling. Alec’s warm mouth curved, after a moment, into an answering smile. Moonlight changed to starlight, a feeling like points of brightness coming to shining life all through Magnus’s body.

Magnus separated reluctantly from Alec to help Alec slide off his worn T-shirt. Magnus dropped the T-shirt by the side of the bed, and began to draw his own rings from his fingers.

“Hey,” Alec murmured, eyes shining in the low light, voice husky. “Leave them on.”

It had been much too long.

“All right,” Magnus whispered back. “Anything you want.”

“Anything?” said Alec.

Magnus reached out and stroked the angelic rune traced against of Alec’s throat, and felt Alec swallow under the light pressure of Magnus’s fingers and the metal of his rings. Then Magnus clasped the nape of Alec’s neck and drew him in for another kiss. His free hand glided up the arch of Alec’s back, rings stuttering along his spine. His palm slid up to his shoulderblades, mapping the well-known and always wonderful stretch of soft skin and scars.

Alec broke the kiss with a gasp, and leaned his head down on Magnus’s shoulder, tucking his face into Magnus’s neck for a moment. He slid the robe off Magnus’s shoulders, and as the silk slid away he kissed the bared brown skin. The press of his mouth was tender as well as passionate, every move of Alec’s always so utterly sincere.

“Anything,” said Magnus, and meant it with all his heart. “What do you want?”

“Everything,” Alec mumbled. “You.”

“ ‘Everything’ and ‘me’ are not the same thing,” Magnus murmured.

“They are to me,” said Alec.

He kissed him again, kissed away the startled look Magnus knew he was wearing, still caught off guard by Alec Lightwood, still wondering if this could possibly be for him. This kiss went as deep as the first one tonight had been soft, and as they kissed Alec tumbled back on the silk pillows and pulled Magnus down against him.

Magnus nuzzled the rune on the side of Alec’s neck, then kissed the hollow at the base of his throat, and felt the shiver run through Alec’s body beneath him.

Then a scream broke the air.


Cassandra Jean som har gjort ett antal illustrationer till Cassies böcker genom åren har valt att fira Malec veckan genom att ge oss en ny bild:

The Lost Book of the White är planerad att släppa under 2020.

Nytt citat från "The Last Hours" med Anna

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Cassandra Clare har via tumblr svarat på några frågor (igen) om några av sina många karaktärer inom skuggjägare universumet.
Men förutom att bara ge oss några svar så har Cassie även gett oss ett citat med Anna Lightwood som kommer från någon av böckerna i The Last Hours - trilogin.
“I respect a heartbreaker,” said Anna. “People are better off without hearts anyway. But you don’t leave people better off. You’re not a heartbreaker, Grace Blackthorn. You’re a life destroyer.”

Nytt citat från den sista "Ghosts of the Shadow Market" novellen

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Cassandra Clare har via tumblr gett oss ett nytt citat från Ghosts of the Shadow Market novellen Forever Fallen. Det är den sista novellen och den kommer bara att kunna läsas om man köper den tryckta utgåvan av boken med alla novellerna i. Den kommer alltså INTE att finnas tillgänglig som en e-bok.
Novellen är skriven av Cassie och Sarah Rees Brennan, i följande citat får vi läsa om Jem som kommer ihåg sina kusiner Cordelia and Alastair:

There were bluebells in the wood beyond the stone walls, and oak trees were dropping green stars in the grass. This garden made Jem think of long-ago children he would have saved if he could: his Cordelia, her sword at her back and her arms full of bright flowers, none so bright as her smile when she saw him, and Cordelia’s brother Alastair with his long fingers over his bitter eyes. Jem had only ever known their faces through magic in the dark. He had never seen either of them with his eyes open, and he never would.

Det finns ingen beskrivning av novellen ännu, men det som vi vet är att den kommer att utspela sig efter handlingarna i Queen of Air and Darkness.
Den tryckta utgåvan av Ghosts of the Shadow Market kommer preliminärt att släppas under nästa sommar.

Nytt hjärtskärande citat från "Queen of Air and Darkness"

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Cassandra Clare överröser oss med citat från Queen of Air and Darkness just nu känns det som. De senaste veckorna har vi fått många olika citat i olika längder och med olika karaktärer. Det citat som Cassie har valt att dela med sig av idag via sin tumblr är nog ett av de kortaste och hittills kanske även ett av de sorgligaste.
Har ni INTE läst Lord of Shadows kan ni sluta läsa nu. 

“I’m dead, aren’t I?” Livvy’s voice was steady.

Vi har ju ingen som helst aning om vad som händer i denna scen, eller vem det är som Livvy "pratar" med, men tårarna börjar ju nästan komma nu. Jag som tänkt läsa om både Lady Midnight och Lord of Shadows, men nu kommer alla känslorna igen... 
Queen of Air and Darkness släpps om ca fem månader - 4 december.

Cassandra Clare delar två nya citat

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Cassandra Clare har varit väldigt generös under juni-månad då hon gett oss en hel del med citat för att fira Pride-månaden. Även om vi nu är inne i Juli så har Cassie gett oss två sista citat med några av hennes LGBTQ-karaktärer.
Det första citatet är från Queen of Air and Darkness med Mark och Kieran - två bisexuella karaktärer i serien The Dark Artifices:

“We might as well talk, Mark,” Kieran said. A bright moon had risen; it illuminated the dark ocean, turned it to a sheet of black and silver glass, the colors of Kieran’s eyes. The night desert was alive with the sound of cicadas. Kieran was walking beside Mark with his hands looped behind him, deceptively human-looking in jeans and t-shirt. He had drawn the line at donning any gear. “It does us no good to ignore each other.”

“I have missed you,” Mark said. There seemed no point in not being honest. “Nor did I intend to ignore you, or to hurt you. I apologize.”

Kieran looked up, a surprised flash under dark lashes. “There is no need to apologize.” He hesitated. “I have had, as you say here in the mortal world, a lot on my mind.”

Mark hid a smile in the dusk. It was irritatingly cute when Kieran used modern phrases.


Det andra citatet är från Chain of Gold - den första boken i trilogin The Last Hours, där vi kommer att få läsa om Anna Lightwood - som är könsobestämd och som hellre klär sig som en man än som en kvinna i London i början av 1900-talet.

Anna’s deep-blue eyes narrowed as she studied him. James was sitting on the edge of his chair, hands clasped together and leaning forward in Anna’s direction. These cousins looked more like brother and sister than James and Lucie, or Anna and Christopher. James’s face was chiseled and serious, while Anna’s features were sharp and roguish, but they shared the same coloring of crow-black hair and snow-white skin. More than that, both had an air of cleverness that seemed thrown up as a defense against sensitivity, sharp minds that shut away hearts too easily broken. Seeing the similarity made Cordelia wonder what had happened to Anna, and fear what might happen to James.

Anna flicked an eyebrow upward, a scratch of ink dashed across a page. “Ah yes, about that. Let me be perfectly clear what you are asking: you want me to seduce a pretty warlock in order to procure you an [item redacted for spoilers!]?”

Anna surveyed the room, and when she was answered with cautious nods she threw her hands into the air.

“You are off your heads, every one of you.”

“Can you not do it?” Thomas asked apprehensively.

Anna toyed with her watch chain so the chain caught the light and glittered. “Oh, I daresay I could.”

There was a collective moan lamenting Thomas’s stupidity in asking such a question. Lucie told Thomas he was a dolt. Thomas begged Anna’s pardon.

“Not at all, Thomas, I know you’re an innocent soul. That said,” Anna drawled, “I take many issues with your request. For a start, it is against my strict policy to seduce anybody twice.”

“Every outlaw must have a code,” James said.

Vem älskar inte dessa nya karaktärer från Cassie?
Jag hoppas att ni lika mycket som jag har uppskattat dessa citat från Cassies kommande böcker och noveller.

Nytt oidentifierat citat från Cassandra Clare

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Cassandra Clare har många bollar i luften samtidigt just nu då hon jobbar på inte mindre än tre olika böcker samtidigt. De tre böckerna i fråga är följande: Queen of Air and Darkness - bok 3 i serien The Dark Artifices, Chain of Gold - bok 1 i serien The Last Hours och The Lost Book of The White - bok 1 i serien The Eldest Curses om Magnus Bane och Alec Lightwood som Cassie skriver tillsammans med Wes Chu.
Via tumblr har Cassie valt att dela följande citat som hon har valt att inte avslöja från vilken bok den kommer.
unidentified snippet

He bent down and tore a strip of material from the shirt he’d worn at the Council meeting. It was stiff and dark with his sister’s dried blood.

He tied it around his wrist. It would stay there, he told himself, until he had vengeance. Until there was justice. Until everyone he loved was safe.

Vilken bok tror ni att citatet kommer ifrån?